Academy Support

Academy Support Program

NEST strives towards creating a world of simplified and yet limitless codeless app creation. Teachers can motivate students to express themselves and their creativity through interactive class work while also simplifying their jobs by creating more ways to teach with NEST.

Inspire your students to transform their ideas into reality and look forward to coming to class to create the App they envision. Students will not only learn to express their creativity through the use of NEST but also learn to understand and accept other student's ideas therefore creating a better future generation.

Honing and encouraging the creativity of the future generation will promote new innovative ideas that will continue the human endeavor to push past perceived limits.

The software is completely free for educators looking to use NEST to encourage their students.

All that we ask is for the educators to submit a completed form indicating where and for what purpose the software will be used.

Additionally educators are asked to submit teaching documents that were used along with NEST for students to grasp the uses of the software easily. This is so that we may take from it and find an optimal way for others across the world to understand and learn with NEST just as your students have done.

We wish to create a world where App creation is not a specialized form of self-expression but an easily learned standard form that anyone will be able to do.

Inspire your students to want to learn

Progress that your students can see clearly

Project sharing allows for easy group work and assignment grading

Motivate your students to create apps that will affect their lives

Improve students' attention to detail, problem solving skills, and creative thinking

Qualified academics : Students, Professors, Post Docs and Researchers in good standing at accredited academic institutions may be eligible to use NEST at no cost.
  • The form must be completed in its entirety, the link to the form can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • After your application has been reviewed and approved, account information will be emailed to the address that was provided on the form. You should expect to hear from us within a few days of submission.
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