Our Identity

At the core of every app is an exceptional idea.
The ideas only reach the market through a rigorous development process - a major pain point for anyone involved.

These are the common complaints of application developers, web to mobile app shifters, and anyone that is interested in app development.

  • Why do we have to spend so much time setting the development environment for each platform and over exert our computers to the point at which re-format is required to restore proper function?
  • How cross platform technology is able to enhance our efficiency when it does not support external source integration and its required programming code rule is not any more efficient than native coding?
  • Why is it so difficult to use library source code and reuse it to the point at which beginning developers are often unable to perform.
  • Is there a way to reduce both development and QA time when creating apps across multiple OS platforms?
  • Will the time ever come where non-programmers are able to build their own apps at little to no cost?


Anyone with good ideas who want to build creative apps on NEST IDE


App publishers who want to monetize with their own NEST app components


App businesses who wish to maximize user engagment through an AI analytics