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by NXST, Inc.

Added 18 Jun 2015

"PART TIME 24h" was created as a solution for the countless people searching for jobs but specifically temporary jobs that we have coined as Time Jobs. What exactly is a Time Job? A Time Job is a Job that has a determined end date ranging from several hours in a single day to months. In order to provide a one-stop shop App for Time Jobs we wanted to make it easy for potential employees and employers to find and connect with the people they wish to work with. Some of our Apps innovative Job Services include:

Unique Rating System
  • Employer and Employee are able to rate each other
  • Number and type of Ratings received can be seen as another indicator of experience
  • Employees and Employers with larger number and better Ratings are likely to get more matches
Customized Ad's
  • Employers can post Ads for the sort of worker they are searching for (experience, availability, skills, etc.) and information about their place of business
  • Those searching for work can upload Ads that display their skills, preferred working conditions (time, hourly pay, days, kind of work, etc.), and experience
Advanced Matching system for Employers and Employees
  • Employers and Employees are connected to one another if their conditions match
  • Matching also takes into account Ratings users have received
  • Matched users can communicate through a real time in App messaging system * Variety of Job applying methods
  • Users may come to an agreement with one another about the Job through In App messaging, Calling, Text messages, and Email
  • Both employer and employee can communicate with one other through In App messaging system before scheduling an interview or hold an interview through it.
Location based Search
  • Employers and Employees can search for Jobs located within a certain distance of their residence or place of business
  • Employers and Employees can find one another based on their profiles without having to post Job announcements
  • Images and brief descriptions along with information related to work can be uploaded onto profile to further promote chances of employment or finding an employee
  • Users must complete their profiles to have access to be matched, post Ads, and search for other users.
Innovative and Intuitive service
  • Registration can be completed within seconds
  • Rapid deployment of Ad’s with customized details to find users matching such conditions
  • Constantly updated Time Job availability list
  • Real time connectivity and communication between potential Employer and Employee
  • A niche for Temp Jobs.

Contacts Shipping

by NXST, Inc.

Added 6 October 2014

Doesn't it bother you when you have to back up all contact data every time you get a new smartphone?
Haven’t you struggled when you switched android to an iPhone?
Now, don't ever waste your time backing up because this app is here to help you! Out of numerous contacts management apps, this is the most advanced and the easiest application to move, back up, and copy.

“this application is convenient to use and also save users'time”

Key features
  • Provide all Contact data back-up
  • Provide data cloud service
  • Secure Private Cloud setting tool connected with Wi-Fi network
  • Provide Private web service tool using local web Server setting
  • Provide the multiple of functions such as back up, copy once users install the application

Awesome Talk

by NXST, Inc.

Added 23 October 2014

Have all your questions answered! Get Creative!
Meet the new Yahoo Answers for mobile.
With Awesome Talk you are able to ask anyone and everyone whatever is on your mind.
Questions about food, classes, accidents, or life in general are made to be asked on our application.
Ask your questions, answer others, like or unlike threads, follow thoughts, and share your comments within the community.
No matter who you are or where you are located, no need to be shy. Find out who the next person you may talk with today!

This application is very easy to use and saves users time

School Mate

by S. Han

Added 17 October 2014

Only SANTIAGO HIGH SCHOOL is already registed

I come from a high school of almost four thousand students, over nine hundred of whom are in my graduating class. Although I have been at this school for over three years, I see hundreds of faces I still yet recognize. Because of the size of the school, it's very hard to communicate with each one of the students in campus. The school Facebook or Twitter pages are not interesting to students anymore.

Now, It's your turn to make a differece in your community! This app is space where students can share stories/pictures, get to know each other and also catch import messages or reminds. I don’t think it’s a shame to graduate high school without knowing every little fun events and people around the campus, don't you think?

The students from all over the world who are willing to have amiable campus life and make a variety of schoolmates, this app is just right for you. Now, it’s your turn to create a new community for your school! Good Luck!

Work with ASB(Associated Student Body) people at your school to use it actively!

Key features
  • School profile setting : Please click the register your school button and be sure to fill in your school information follow along. Let your creativeness fly off and we can't wait to see it!
    SANTIAGO high school is already registered, which means you guys only need to make an account and log in!
  • School Tube : You can re-watch the video of the school rallies, club activities, other events if the school has a YouTube Channel and post videos. (please hook up the URL link and fill it in the setting bar)
  • Ask Away : Anyone can ask and anyone can response :) (For example, senior's advices, school events, math problems, clubs, teachers, and anything!) Please watch your language and be appropriate about everything you say
  • Photo Talk : You can post pictures or statuses freely and allowed to leave a comment on it or dislike/like it.
  • Student Q connection : If your school provides "student Q connection" or "zangle", Student can check their grades, test scores, GPA, etc. on their phone (mobile version)
    This can be different for every districts, please use the one that is used at your school
  • Upcoming Events : You can check the daily updated school events/schedules on their phone. Students are able to keep on track and involve in a lot of events/clubs.
  • Pictures : The pictures that are uploaded on your school homepage (Again, please fill in the URL link on the setting page)

Photo Talk

by NXST, Inc.

Added 23 October 2014

Share your photos with the world.
With Photo Talk, you can communicate your life through pictures that are shared with other users.
Upload your event or story and interact with the community through comments and real time updates.
Like, unlike, and comment on posts in your feed.

What are you waiting for? Upload your story to Photo Talk!