Enterprise Support

Three for one

The comprehensive portfolio of mobile solutions--NEST IDE and Component store for app development, App resources management for app management, and Appreneur for user behavior analytics-- is provided in one platform.

App Development

NEST IDE with unlimited features

App Resource Warehouse

NEST Component Store into the local area

User Analytics

Appreneur Service with a true AI analytics


Build Azure development environment

The discord between Dev and Ops during the app development process is a well known issue. NEST completely separates Devs from Ops - Developers only touch NEST components and share their developed components with Ops immediately. The rest of the work such as composing the components and reporting errors fall under the resoponsibility of the Ops team. All developed components are stored in case they are of value to other apps in the future.

Full cycle development framework

The full cycle of develop-test-maintain-marketing can be managed on the same development framework without compromising the existing investment.

Powerful QA time

The seamless development -> build -> test environment on NEST framework drastically reduces QA time.

Reusable components

After developing various app components for one app, your work is not lost. NEST allows you to recycle these components on completely separate app projects. Avoid wasting time developing the same component over and over again.

Easy On-Boarding

The Enterprise administrator can invite employees individually via email or enable auto-approval which will allow users to sign up with their company email address.

Ownership of Data and its Management

In NEST Enterprise plan, organizations have the right to access, use, manage and/or modify any Business application and its services. All Personal applications and their contents remain completely private and are controlled by the user who created them. Users fully retain the rights to their Personal applications, which cannot be accessed by the company in any way.

Simple User- centered Data Management

The NEST Enterprise Admin Console is your one stop shop for user management. Admins can invite new employees, manage existing users, and view/manage Business applications created by members of their organization.

Business Library

Every NEST Enterprise plan includes the component warehouse - a collection components of Business applications that are available to all employees. The NEST app components is where employees can share, discover, and leverage the collected knowledge of their colleagues.

Extended Technical Support for Enterprise

All NEST Enterprise members have access to the highest level of support from a dedicated business support team.

License Policy for Enterprise

The pricing and license policy for the Enterprise plan is different than the Individual plan. By upgrading to an Enterprise plan, your company can easily increase or decrease the number of users at any time. Contact our support team to find out how your NEST Enterprise plan can best meet the needs of your organization.

Turns Ideals into Reality

Use NEST to make everything flow easier with your business via one-time deployment, including various enterprise system, data sources, devices and more. You can even save time and cost with NEST Enterprise. NEST works on smartphones, tablets, so everything your company makes can always be accessed in the office and on the go.

NEST Enterprise Upgraded Service

Every NEST Enterprise user is automatically upgraded to NEST Enterprise services, which gives them access to all the features of NEST.

Learn About Enterprise Pricing

We are excited that you want to learn more about Enterprise pricing.
We customize plans for our Enterprise customers on a case by case basis. Let us know where to reach you and we will be in touch shortly.